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Meet our Team

Clean Energy Group a division of Greentree Consulting is a domestic and international supply chain advisory group based in Lebanon, Ohio.  Our mission is to increase the domestic content of North America’s clean energy installations, and prepare the U.S. workforce for this emerging industry.  Focus areas include land-based and offshore wind, solar, automotive hydrogen fuel cells, and others.  

Our Work
Greentree advisors have been analyzing and identifying regional supply chains and workforce requirements for clean energy industries since 2009, then with a focus on land-based wind and solar.  We expanded our work in 2012 to the offshore wind market, conducting supply chain research and analysis for the U.S. Department of Energy, state economic develop organizations, and offshore wind.  In 2015, we again expanded our supply chain analysis into PEM automotive fuel cells, assessing U.S. and global manufacturers competitiveness for hydrogen and fuel cell components.   Having a ready, trained, and available regional workforce is key to the construction, installation, and ongoing operations and maintenance of any renewable energy power installation.  Greentree advisors have conducted several state studies on workforce to assess developers, manufacturers, and service providers workforce needs during the entire life-cycle of a renewable energy installation, compared to the current state workforce and jobs training availability.    Educating U.S. manufacturers, service providers, and state and regional economic development organizations, on the emerging clean energy industry has been a focus of our work since our beginning.  Greentree advisors have conducted more than 40 supply chain workshops across the country, and multiple online webinars, for state economic development organizations, wind developers, and the U.S. Department of Energy, focused on educating potential suppliers to the opportunities in these new markets.  

You can read more about a partial list of Greentree Consultants project involvement made public:
·         2017 U.S. Department of Energy Report: “U.S. Clean Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies: A Competitiveness Analysis” (https://www.osti.gov/scitech/search/filter-results:F/semantic:1410998).
·         2014 U.S. Department of Energy Report: “U.S. Wind Energy Manufacturing and Supply Chain: A Competitiveness Analysis”  http://energy.gov/eere/articles/doe-study-finds-us-wind-industry-competitive-efficient-and-capable-global-scale
·         2017 Report:  “Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Offshore Wind (OSW) Supply Chain Directory”  http://www.masscec.com/file/masscec-osw-supply-chain-directoryxlsx ·         2015 Report: “Virginia DMME Offshore Wind Power Port Readiness Evaluation Study” https://www.dmme.virginia.gov/de/OffshoreWindPortEvaluation.shtml    

Our Services

Supply Chain Assessment:
Research and Analysis of the supply chain and infrastructure needs for clean energy installations. Identify U.S. companies capable of supplying manufactured components, equipment, and services needed during all phases of an energy installation. Identify potential gaps in the current state and regional supply chains.  Facilitate joint venture opportunities between current foreign suppliers and U.S. manufacturers, both interested in supplying the emerging renewable energy industries.        

Workforce Development:
Conduct jobs and workforce analysis for offshore wind component production.  Analysis of staffing requirements (management and production), special skills, and education levels required for production of towers, blades, nacelle, generator, foundation, and submarine cable.  Analysis of staffing requirements for installation and commissioning, and ongoing, long-term  maintenance and service providers. Analysis of current state workforce and relative training programs that can respond to the industry needs.  Identification of potential gaps in a state workforce and training programs, creating opportunities for the further development of technical training or advanced degree programs.  

Stakeholder Engagement:
  Develop and manage customized Supply Chain Forums, including technical content and speakers.  Arrange one-on-one “Match Making” sessions to connect buyers with qualified potential suppliers.  Assist in outreach to drive participation to the right audience. Coordinate and work closely with various stakeholder groups including regional economic development organizations, coastal communities, industry associations, and labor groups in support of this emerging industry.    Conducted customized Supplier Search events for industry OEM’s and developers.  Conduct customized renewable energy webinars used to educate manufacturers, equipment providers, service providers, economic development, organizations, and the general public on the opportunities and requirements in renewable energy supply chains.