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Lorenzo Prestel

Lorenzo Prestel became part of the Greentree Consulting Team in June 2019 as a Student Project Demonstrator of a hydrogen powered fuel cell car at the Ohio Fuel Cell Symposium.  He also showed how you can generate electric with wind, solar, and battery to electrolyze water H₂O to generate hydrogen H₂ and oxygen O Lorenzo is a student at Springboro OH schools. He put on a hydrogen fuel cell car demonstration to his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes. His display and explanations provided a teachable moment to his fellow students.  He created a video of his presentation in September 2023 and it is on the web. He brings a positive youth perspective to the team and with his natural ability to interact with industry professionals at all levels. Lorenzo is a positive advocate for energy options of the future and looking to work at NASA.